The required documents

1.  A photocopy and the original proof showing the recent academic or professional certificate (i.e. Bachelor, Diploma).The certificate should be authenticated and certified by the Minister of foreign affairs in Egypt.

2.  A photocopy and an original statement showing all previously taught courses with their titles, marks or grades of the last earned degree.

3.  A photocopy and original document of a certificate of equivalence which is issued and authorized by the supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

4.  An acceptance letter by the student Embassy stating the type of the required study and how the tuition fees will be covered (Governmental scholarship or private).

5.  Two approved photocopies of the student passport by the student embassy. The passport should be valid before the admission date.

6.  An original copy of Birth Certificate (or an approved photocopy from the student embassy).

7.   Four recent personal photos (4X6) of the student.

8.   An English Language certificate: TOEFL at least 500 or IELTS score of not less than 6 degrees certified by Amid-East, British Council or Faculty of Art- Cairo university (Language and Translation center).

9.  A medical Certificate proves that the applicant is  free from infectious diseases (e.g. HIV,  Corona viruses, H1N1 flu…etc). This certificate should be issued by a public hospital affiliated by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

10.      A stamped application form associated with a receipt of the fees payment. This receipt should be obtained from the post-graduate office.

11.      Fill in the information statement and the statement issued by the Central Department of International student affairs with a stamp on it.

12.      A security acceptance letter approving studying in Egypt.

13.      The application for PMIA can be done through the e-mail of the Cultural Affairs and Mission Sector on the following URL address: in order to fill in the information statement.